Sanjai, a 20-years old bull (male elephant), sees himself for the first time in front of a mirror. [x]

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I really liked the episode. Am I alone in this?

idunno man.. They just seemed a bit off their game. Maybe it was the last minute guest switch, maybe Elvis Costello made them nervous, and apparently they kept getting mixed messages in their ear-things, so it wasn’t as smooth as normal. I did like the episode, the segments were great, but it wasn’t their best one. And personally, I dont like Marion Ravn, I guess she’s the kinda person who needs editing (lmao), too awkward for live interviews. My favorite part of the interview was when she left to get her bag! Anyways, I think Calle saved this episode for me, he was fantastic as always. 


Hair difference episode 3 &4.


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Dude, huska du ikke at kaizers gitaristen helte øl over plumbo mann (huska ikke ka han hete xD). Men æ bruka champagne cause I’m classy ;)

HAHAHAH joooo! Men eg syns at øl smake bedre enn champagne då…


i only have two emotions

  • yeah man
  • nah son

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*pours champagne over your head in silent rage*


is that one of those weird northern traditions?



emily fucking gilmore

Gilmore Girls is on Netflix and THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE.

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At the show last night they claim they went to Turkey. Turkey was in the copy of the script I got, and they said Turkey repeatedly in the show. Do we know for sure they went to Morocco?

It’s definitely Morocco. They tweeted about going to Morocco some months ago, and the car in video has a Moroccan license plate. Also, there are a lot of people from Istanbul in the comment section on Youtube stating that it looks nothing like Istanbul. 

Maybe they didn’t go to turkey because there were riots while they planned to shoot and they didn’t get a shooting approval for that video? Think about the riots in summer there, please, and be glad that the boys weren’t in danger in Morocco!

That’s true, I thought about that after I posted it, that would make sense. Idk man, i just feel like the song didn’t really live up to its full potential, they could’ve done a lot more with it, but i just cant put my finger on it, so the rant about location got a bit blown up. Idk.. But we have 6 more songs coming, there’s always hope for hysterical smash hit coming our way!

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Calle's nervous mannerisms
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green square doesn’t understand true love

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Okay but that little arm grab that Calle does just kills me


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Also, to all Norwegians, Mr Toot is totally like the Turkish Møkkamann, amiright??

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My issues with Mr Toot:

And also

They claim that they are in south-east Europe/south-west Asia, when they’re actually in norht-west Africa. And they thought nobody would notice? There is a HUGE amount of distance between these place, so of course there will be loads of cultural differences. And thinking “whatever, they’re all Mediterranean countries” is not okay.

And that is what I have a problem with. Not the whole “Turk” thing. I guess I can see how some people find it racist, but personally I don’t think imitating accents or dressing up like other cultures is racist. The term “racism” is used way too loosely, it means that a person thinks he/she is better than someone else based on race. And I don’t see that in this music video. However, if they wanted to make a Turkey-themed video, they should’ve gone to fucking Turkey, not to .. Africa (??!)