when the bros look at each other


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It’s so sad though, that there are so many of us here. I so wish I could hug all of you and we could sleep together… ok, that came out wrong XD

No I’m down with that!

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you suffer of insomnia too? ): i know how it feels, my sleep pattern’s been fucked for years and last summer i couldn’t sleep a blink for over five nights

Yeah, I’ve had it for as long as I can remember. Usually I can’t sleep at all every 2nd or 3rd night, and it usually takes me about 5-8 hours to fall asleep. I guess I’m lucky in one aspect of it, when I finally do fall asleep, I stay asleep, I don’t wake up all the time like many other insomniacs, so I’m happy about that :) 

I remember that, when you couldn’t sleep for so long, I was really worried about you! The most I’ve been awake is between 50-60 hours, and I could just feel my brain basically shutting down everything, until I passed out. 

You should check out CBT-I though, that’s the program I’m hoping to get into, it’s supposed to be very effective :) 

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oh honey i feel you … last weekend I was up like 49 hours because I couldn’t sleep at night at all but I had to work next day… and I was sick as well, so it was even worse! … but I hope you’ll have some sleep. <3

ugh i was pushing towards 50 hours myself after the whole 24 hour VG-thing + oslo trip, at the end I’m pretty sure i passed out instead of actually falling asleep. It’s the fucking worst when you don’t know whether to cry or punch a wall because your fucking brain wont shut up. 


When your pet adjusts their position so they can lay their head on you


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If it is any consolation to you, I have to follow eating routines because of my intolerance. It feels hard at the beginning, but after a few months you get so used to them that they feel super normal. I’ll have your back :-*

bless you <3

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house arrest wouldn’t even be a punishment for me

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everyone go vote for the oslo dialect as norway’s ugliest dialect because i’m tired of oslo people making fun of other dialect 


TVNorge and Ylvis Brothers has an exclusivity contract that expires in 2017, writes DN [x]

yaaaayyy IKMY at least until 2017^^

Not necessarily:

Bård and Vegard Ylvisåker are going to host one TV-series per year for TVNorge - and no other channels - in this period. TVNorge and Ylvis are now discussing next year’s show. 

- We haven’t made any decisions yet about what it will be in 2015, or if it will be in 2015. We have started the planning of next autumn and there is still a lot of question marks. We can’t say if it will be “I kveld med Ylvis” or something different in the future, says the program director Eivind Landsverk for TVNorge to DN.

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Forever wishing my selfie game were as strong as my mirror game.

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madeofpersonal inquired:

Hey! :D

1. First impression: I remember when I saw this madeofsquirrels-figure running around here, but I never really understood what that squirrel was until the frauds happened, and since then I’ve always thought you were awesome!
2. Truth is: you’re definitely in my top 3 frauds, I think you’re amazing and cool and sweet and everything :D
3. How old do you look: your actual age :)
4. Have you ever made me laugh: duuuude, frauds?
5. Have you ever made me mad: nope
6. Best feature: you seem very organized, that might not be true, people say that about me which is the biggest piece of bullshit, but still, you know, i get that “project leader” feel, and you can be very professional :D
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: how can i not, look at you!
8. You’re my: VEGARD!!!
9. Should you post this too? sure!

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